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While she was busy fighting off the reptilian monster in front of her, Cervantes had attempted to slice her abdomen. He was accompanied by a large anthropomorphic Lizardman. Sophitia then arched her back and pushed with her hand, smothering Cassandra with her big breasts, and the younger woman was all-too-happy to comply, as her loving mouth and hands began to work on Sophitia's chest with more urgency, and succeeding in spades, as the elder sister began to mutter encouraging, loving words to Cassandra, letting her know she was quickly coming closer and closer to the brink. He broke easily from her might. Only one way to find out! She returns against him, bobbing back and forth in opposite time of his pumping, taking him deep letting his balls slap against her chin. Maxi's eyes widened and he looked up at Taki's smirking face.

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By the Gods it's good!

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Trying to find a freak named Astaroth. She lifts herself up and immediately kisses the silver haired woman on the lips briefly before pulling away and wraps her arms around Ivy's neck, smiling. She moans again as Cassandra's hips pump once at the air. She had become so hell-bent on searching for the accursed Soul Edge that she had little time to do so. The leather of Ivy's outfit was sticking uncomfortably to her skin as she sat bored in front of the fireplace. Rafael was scooping his clothes off the floor in the corner of the room.

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soul calibur erotic fanfiction
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soul calibur erotic fanfiction
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