Examples of sex linked traits

Sex-limited inheritance in Drosophila. Associated with the X chromosome. And then the lowercase h, well, this would be the X chromosome that has the hemophilia allele. But you do have other traits on these genes. If this sperm wins the race, then the fertilized egg will develop into a male. It only codes for on the order of 78 genes.

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The Y chromosome contains a small region of similarity to the X chromosome so that they can pair during meiosis, but the Y is much shorter and contains fewer genes.

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What are some examples of sex-linked traits?

And the way it determines that, it does have one gene on it called the SRY gene. If this gene were on a non-sex chromosome, or autosome, we would expect all of the offspring to be red-eyed, because the red allele is dominant to the white allele. Well, your mom could give this X chromosome, in conjunction with this X chromosome from your dad. And I'm making gross oversimplifications here. Male birds make sperm, which always have a Z chromosome. An egg plus an X-containing sperm will make a female offspring, and an egg plus a Y-containing sperm will make a male offspring.

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examples of sex linked traits
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examples of sex linked traits
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