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The insert to the bloody face is missing and the close-up of the blender is shown immediately. After it panned back up, a cut to Mary Lou takes place, who then turns on the blender and slowly moves it towards the teacher. FETT]1 sec r-rated German version In the US-version, Mary Lou says her line without blank and only then rams the ice cream cones down alternative shot. The US-version shows both of them from above.

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Both images are there to illustrate that there was different footage used at all.

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Deleted sex scenes Prom Night

After Mary Lou has moaningly thrown herself upwards, the German version shows a shot in which her breasts can be seen. It seems that, among other things, the word "shit" from the German version was censored because miss Richards says "Damn! Cut to the biology teacher's face. Oftenly, "hard" scenes were alleviated by using alternatove more harmless footage. The German version shows the computer monitor with Alex' grades slightly longer. The rest of the shot was replaced with an alternative view of Sarah's face, contorted with pain. The rest of the shot and another close-up shot of the heart were replaced by an alternative view of Shane screaming.

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