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Nude Witch 9 posts - 9 authors - Last post: The woman let out a satisfied low hum of pleasure as the hot but tasty liquid made its way down her throat and into her somewhat empty stomach. His skin turned pale as he limped to the counter, his legs gave way and the man fell to the floor. She slowly raised one of her thin pale colored arms and wrapped it around the man, pulling him closer to which the man showed no protest to. They took pride in the witch's they ravaged before promptly and grotesquely blowing their heads off with a twelve gage double barrel shotgun. He had managed to pull his twelve gage shotgun out and was now aiming it at the man's head. A man and three other men find a witch.

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Her hair was a dirty whitish grayish color that ran all the way down towards her waist, her hands boney yet beautiful at least to her companion's eye.

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It's fast and easy They'd first incapacitate the witch, not kill mind you but they weren't above breaking the poor things skull in either, then secondly they'd break all the witch's fingers so that if the witch woke up then she couldn't do any serious damage. However this sudden appearance didn't startle the woman but instead made her smile. The man lied there against the wall, a bit helpless as he tried not to open his wounds with any unnecessary movements. While the city was still ablaze with life the two simply stood there, the man watching the fire and the witch sleeping soundly with her head on the man's shoulder.

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left dead witch nude
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left dead witch nude
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