Having sex on wedding night in islam

The Sunnah of the Wedding Feast. We hope you found these tips about the wedding night helpful. This hadith is not applicable or talking in regards to the number of times the man or woman ejaculates, i. On the authority of 'Aa'shah who said: It is desireable for the husband to go to his relatives who came to visit him in his house, on the following morning, to give them greetings and pray for them. So, when he satisfies his need before she does, he should not hasten her. The people then ate of this hais and drank from pools of rainwater which were nearby, and that was the wedding feast of the Prophet.

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Three obligatory aspects of bathing There are three obligatory aspects in bathing, and are as follows; 1 To perform mouthwash so that every single part of the inside of the mouth from the beginning of the lips up to the throat is cleaned with water.

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Asma Bint Yazeed RA said: Natural and external lubrication is important. So when your wife comes to you, ask her to pray two rakat behind you, and then say: This is more appropriate and befitting. When my mother Khadija became your wife, she gave all her wealth to the empty-handed in your path, until it reached a point when a needy person came to the door of your house and requested clothes. So Allaah, revealed the verse:

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having sex on wedding night in islam
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having sex on wedding night in islam
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