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One of her most memorable fights was the first time she ever fought a foreigner. She still thinks of that fight a few months ago, lost after she held back in the fifth round, afraid of further injuring her opponent's arm. This is especially true when fighting friends. Frances continued, told Nae to think about the future, not just what is going on in the moment. Soon older members of the community came too, ex-fighters or fathers of the kids, and told Frances they wanted to help out. At her young age, she has already fought abroad and has won a gold medal at the Thailand National Games, but Nong Am feels she has farther to go in Thai boxing to accomplish her dreams.

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This tale is about someone who found something to love when she lost someone she loved.

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A Female Thai Fighter's Guide to Life

But what can be done? While she regrets not doing more to have won, she never disparages her opponent or says she wishes she had just gone in and broken her arm. Frances wasn't totally surprised to hear her Muay Thai student Ann was missing. No-oneNo-One had dared say that to me through that whole time, you know what would your brother say and as soon as that was said to me it was like…like fucking hitting a brick wall like…do you know that kind of way…Coz Jesus what would he say you know…He probably would have boxed me around the place for carrying on like that…. Would you ever consider Muay Thai? Her father smiled as he saw her, told her to go to the gym and work hard. After another 7 or 8 months of following this path one of the guys in the club approached her again.

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girl wild muay thai
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girl wild muay thai
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