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If nothing else came from today for the rest of her life Kushina would KNOW that Jiraiya conquered her boobies like any man would dream of doing. I didn't mean to upset you. Those eyebrows can't be real, nooooo! Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. He couldn't risk her coming out of the bedroom where he had everything set up and storming off, so with all the speed he could manage, the sage rushed into the master bedroom…just in time for her to continue her yelling. That drawing's nothing special. Much later, Tenten is seen using and thinking "This thing looks pretty sweet

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The reason the truth of Itachi's backstory was so controversial was the fact that it felt like a last minute decision.

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All they care about is ''Sasuke'' It was rather pissed about that. A furious Shikamaru informs him that she is pregnant. Why can't you be more clear? If you keep acting so mean, I might leave for real!

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