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I was a bit disappointed when Alison first came back, because her lie to the police about being kidnapped and the girls going along with it made it seem as if everything was going to stay dishonestly status-quo in Liar-land, but man, did last night change that. Having A back will force them all to band together again, but it's undeniable that things have irrevocably changed, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Liars decided to throw in the towel and distance themselves from the person who caused this mess in the first place. Underneath those real feelings of desire there is also a very strategic woman who uses everyone else around her for her own benefit just look at how she treated those rando members of the "army of losers"and despite Emily's frustrated attitude towards Ali at the end of the episode, Ali has to be fully aware of the fact that starting up a romantic relationship with gentle Emily will land the Liar fully in her corner. What do you think, "PLL" fans? Uber-A returned after what was likely a very long nap, Ezria had sex with a shirtless Lucy Hale! But the main thing on every Liar's mind the morning after "Miss Me x " was the steamy, long-awaited, and yet somehow unexpected -- and very well done -- hookup between Emily and Alison.

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But now that Emily and Alison are hooking up, that pulls Emily straight back into Alison's orbit -- and when you think about it, it has the potential to be as dangerous as that time Spencer was hooking up with a member of the A-team.

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Which she really, really needs. So, obviously a whole lot happened on the th episode of "Pretty Little Liars" last night July 8. Let us know in the comments! The show has always been about the same four girls banding together and protecting the damaging secrets caused by this one tornado of a human being, and bringing this tornado back is exactly what we needed to switch things up during this fifth season. Which brings me to my second point -- bringing Alison back as a real live human being has been a breath of fresh air for the show, since watching her coyly deliver mysterious lines in flashbacks got old after four seasons, as did the relative stasis within the dynamics of the group.

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emily and alison hook up pll
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emily and alison hook up pll
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