Starcraft 2 matchmaking slow

He has a matchmaking rating of Second, when your MMR crosses the lower boundary of the next league, you will be promoted into that league. That's why they show you other numbers -- they show you numbers you can affect in a few games over the course of an afternoon or evening. Guardian Shield radius increased from 4 to 4. Valve even trusts their system enough to enable promotions on tie games:

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Does that difference in outcome also imply a difference in skill?

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Ridiculously long queue time

The dev team specifically posted that they altered the match criteria preferences to favor lower latency and closer MMR. Eventually, after enough game outcomes are recorded, the matchmaker will gain confidence that your current rating accurately defines your skill level. It is impossible to decide MMR in 5 games. After all, Counter-Strike is a team game. I don't know the current state of SC2 matchmaking, but I think ranked mode is best for casual play. Acceleration increased from 1. But when you're playing casually, and after dozens of games it moves you to silver then to gold, where your friend is useless because he's so overmatched, and you can't do very well either because it's largely 2v1 because your partner isn't really of the same level It all becomes icky.

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starcraft 2 matchmaking slow
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starcraft 2 matchmaking slow
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