Sex slave and master

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The term "slave" is used rather than "sex slave" because sex is not a necessary component of consensual slavery. Some people draw up a slave contract that defines the relationship in explicit detail. While male "masters" will usually be referred to as "Master", whether or not female Masters are referred to as "Master" or "Mistress" may depend upon whether they identify as following the leather subculture or BDSM path, or simply preference. These include wearing the owner's collarbeing registered in a slave register, adopting sometimes legally changing to a name chosen by the owner, or engaging in a public declaration or ritualized ceremony of some type.

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Sexual slavery in a BDSM context is both a sexual fantasy and sexual roleplay.

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Master/slave (BDSM)

Sexual slavery is a consensual exchange of power by the submissive to the dominant, though the scope of the surrender of discretion may be limited and may be withdrawn at any time. Some people draw up a slave contract that defines the relationship in explicit detail. BDSM terminology Sexual roleplay. Some participants regard the relationship as sexual roleplaywhile others enter into the relationship on the basis of a highly committed, long-term, submissive lifestyle. Some Masters adopt a holistic approach to the maintenance and long-term development of their slave by using such models as Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The relationship uses the term "slave" because of the association of the term with ownership rights of a master to their slave's body, as property or chattel.

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sex slave and master
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sex slave and master
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