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There is debate as to whether this syndrome marks a culture-specific response to societal change in Japan 6 or whether it is an emerging psychiatric disorder that may be present elsewhere 7. His company dinners sometimes end up at these bars. Withdrawal, as manifested by a dysphoric mood, anxiety, irritability, and boredom after several days without Internet activity 2. A year-old woman, who did not want to disclose her name or workplace, explained that she was recently sexually assaulted by someone, whose face she did not see, at her workplace in Tokyo. Russian-Saudi relations could be very different today, if Stalin hadn't killed the Soviet ambassador to Saudi Arabia. It is possible in many hikikomori cases to diagnose Internet addiction disorder as comorbid. Youth locked in time and space?

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According to Goto, this idea is borrowed from the Russian American novelist Vladimir Nabokov, but in Japan is largely understood as a young girl who is "the image of obedience, subservience", and is reinforced in widely read manga.

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She is currently working on a manga book about groping on trains, an idea she tried to pursue six years ago with three publishers, who all turned her down. Today, Ogawa, a writer and cofounder of Press Labo, a small digital content production company in Shimokitazawa, an inner-city Tokyo neighbourhood, often writes about Japan's gender inequality and sexual violence issues. This makes it more difficult to return to society. On a psychological level, numerous reports and articles mention the association between hikikomori and aversive, even traumatic, childhood experiences. It is even suggested that hikikomori could be beneficial to these individuals in whom it can help regain a sense of identity and social connectedness through new means more suited to them 6. Addiction 3:

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